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The life and times of 25


Communists and Socialists and Marxists of America unite! We finally have a real president who holds our values dear. We support Obama because he wants to nationalize health care, take money from hard-working Americans to give to the poor, and make one class of people. Hooray for communism! Hooray for Obama! Hooray for Obamunism! (Conch Tees)


This is my fashion go-to for the bars this Spring and Summer! I will definitely be ordering up a batch of these. Haha…take a look at what I found. This is too priceless.

Conch tees is selling these shirts like crazy I bet…and with good reason. Check it out and order here…



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…Kindle Part 2

Hello again Blog! How I have missed you and our periodic meetings. Today I am writing you to tell you about my new favorite gadget. amazon-kindle-2-2

Like Microsoft, Amazon needs something to stay relevant during these obnoxious economic times. They needed something to propel them to the next phase of media. My friends, they have created it. Amazon has created the Kindle, and I believe it will be to newspapers, magazines, and books what the ipod was to music.

The Amazon Kindle is essentially an e-book reader. The Kindle 2 is priced at $359, but I think its well worth it for what you get. The new device weighs just 10.2-ounces, and has a larger screen than its predecessor and can still hold a charge for days. It has a built in 3G wireless, for free, allowing you to download content from Amazon, look up subjects on Wikipedia and more. Right now Amazon has 230,000 books available in Kindle format but that’s just the start. Their goal is eventually to have every book ever printed available for this device.

Bad-Ass I say and perfect for my daily bus rides.

Kindle 2 will ship on Feb. 24, so pre-order yours today.

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…The Gossip Girl STORE

This has made my day. I found a site that actually has a Gossip Girl clothing store! How exciting is that? Rest assured I will be heading to this site like a “Bass out of hell” and once I get my clothes I will act like a real “Bass hole” and I will certainly not hang with the likes of Hum-Drum-Humphry.

Check out the selection at here…


Amazing. Yeah, thats right. It is the great thing. I am really excited to bookmark this baby and shop on it whenever I get bored. Whitney, you should really look in Serena and Blair’s closet and find some choice items.

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…Random Thoughts

I tried sleeping. Its another Sunday night and I don’t have work to go to in the morning.

This is not a money issue, its more of a restless issue. There are things I want to accomplish and not working doesn’t really lend itself well to me accomplishing a number of those. This is a lesson in faith that God is teaching me. He is raking me over the coals of this faith fire He has thrown me into. Sometimes because of circumstances you are forced to exhibit behavior that is uncomfortable. Sometimes you are forced to have faith, sometimes you are forced to be nice, sometimes you are forced to think positively, sometimes you are forced to be the bigger person…there are always challenges.

Challenges are good. Challenges are necessary, but they aren’t easy to deal with. Thats why they are called challenges. I am awake thinking about what I want to do with my future and I am trying to dissect God’s plan and figure it out. It is no easy task, let me tell you.

Here is the exciting part. When you lose control, you have no choice but to give it up to God. Once that happens, you know there is a greater force at work than you can understand. I know that ultimately God’s plan will be better than any plan I could have even dreamed up. So, the exciting part is waiting to figure out what it is He is going to do…

Stay tuned, I will be sure to fill you in. Crazy things can happen when you give it up to the man upstairs.

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…Bedtime Blogging

I can’t sleep.

I can practically smell the coffee brewing in the morning.

Its cold outside, but I am warm.

I am thinking about a number of things right now and I thought it may be prudent to write them all down.

I am sitting in the middle of my bed finally trying to put all of my thoughts together. Thoughts on work, love, life, family, friends, fall, golf, gossip, birthday’s, Disneyland, and of course food. One can never have a late night without thinking about food.

My bed is extremely comfortable to me right now. Maybe that’s because it is 12:36 on a Tuesday night and I am probably ready for bed.

I am thinking about how fortunate I am. I am thinking about how excited I am for the fall and winter. I am thinking about how excited I am for the future. I am thinking about how my life will change in the coming years. How will my life change with the people that I spend time with? How will my life change with where I live? How will my life change with my job?

I am sitting at a very real approaching crossroads in my existence on this earth and I am very excited about it.

As I have grown up, I have learned many things about people – both good and bad – that have helped shaped me.

I am so thankful for the people that I am close with, and even those who tend to make my life more difficult than it probably needs to be. These people help me put practical biblical lessons into practice in my every day life.

Over the past year, I have met many incredible people, and all of them have contributed to my character development.  There have been many trials over the past year, but I am stronger because of them. I am stronger because of the lessons I have lived through and I now have a better understanding of how God is working through me to shape who I am. There is a place for everyone that God brings into your life. There is a reason for everything.

I guess I don’t really have much to say about any particular subject, I am just writing at this point. My computer has life and I have some unknown energy.

The Lord has decided to put those lonely people on my heart tonight. Everyone who is lonely. These people might be divorced, single, a single parent, the person that thinks they are losing their friends, the person who has lost family or friends, the person who believes that they can do it on there own.

All of these people share one thing in common, God wants to fill that empty spot they are feeling. Goodness, I am preaching prurely on my feelings and I don’t ever want to do that. I am just jotting down whats on my mind.

Sorry for boring you with this post, it had to be that long! Talk to you soon. I think tomorrow will be a good time to speak again.

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…The Ambulance

The morning began with a breath of anticipation!

The morning began with sunshine peering through my window with the hope of new beginnings.

The morning began with new breath, new hope. Hopes for a blood mary in Pioneer Square. Hopes for tailgating in an ambulance, hopes for cold beers out of the can, hopes for defensive stops and 114 decibals in Qwest Field!

It was opening weekend for the Seahawks at home in Seattle. In their domain. It was a perfect day…or, it began as a perfect day.

We rounded up the crew of Anne, Jordan, me and Whit to get to the game. Yes, its true. We skipped our City Church appointment Sunday morning and opted for bloody mary’s and an ambulance in the North parking lot.

Let me explain…

A friend of ours teamed up with 4 of his friends on a two year journey to find the perfect tailgating vehicle. They had an idea in their head and they fulfilled their dream with great success. One week ago two of these vehicles came online in the Seattle area and these boys jumped at the chance to snatch up their used ambulance!

It worked perfectly.

They had the ambulance parked and full of coolers with beer and jungle juice of course. To make things even better, every hour, on the hour, they rang the siren. The siren! It was too perfect. We enjoyed our fair share of drinks and had very compelling conversation about my future goals of owning a used ambulance myself or a short bus for tailgating. I picture drop down plasma screens and fully functional party sound systems as I roll into Pullman for a future Apple Cup.

Throughout the tailgating hours, Anne was filling our cups with incredible quotes to keep the day moving in the right direction.

“I dated the high school quarterback!” – Anne

She wanted to make sure that we all knew that since we were after all – at a football game!

“Oh my gosh, I am belig” – Anne

This was after the 4th beer, and one cup of the jungle juice. But, if you waited a few hours, she was doing incredibly well. And I quote…

“Look at me! I am totally handling my alcohol!” – Anne

I will give it to her, she did handle her alcohol on this day better than I have ever seen her before. Certainly better than the Seahawks cornerbacks handled JT O’Sullivan and the amazing core of 49er receivers. Please note the sarcasm.

Even though the Seahawks lost, which just added to the misery that is Seattle sports right now, it was still an incredible day. One that only can be experienced in Seattle. There was not a cloud in the sky and I was with my favorite people. And I pounded beers around an ambulance, and I wasn’t even injured.

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A gorgeous Saturday! A GORGEOUS Saturday! It was so amazing outside on this day in the great Northwest that time had to be spent outdoors. There was no question about it. Without knowing what the weather would be like on this day, my dear friends Danielle and Anne decided it would be a nice time to throw an end of summer bonfire to commemorate the final sunshine of the summer in Seattle.

The location was a popular Seattle beach where all SPU dates go to die…or flourish. As one girl put it, “There are all of these secret spots that I went to…”

I don’t know of any secret spots, but I did know what I could see and it was something special. The majestic mountains, the incredible water and sunset.

It was a perfect night.

It was a night that would make those scientists who are testing that “big bang” machine feel like morons because there little machine sure as hell couldn’t create what I saw tonight by chance. Seriously.

There was only one problem with this night. There was no Bonfire! George tried, oh did he try. He went with Danielle to the golden gardens at 3pm in the afternoon and looked for a pit to light the fire, but there was nothing. He asked a number of asians if they were leaving soon, but nothing. There was nothing that he could do! No firepits anwhere, it was amazing. And when he thought that there was someone leaving, another person would be just a step ahead of him and would grab the pit so we sat in darkness and enjoyed the company. It was a great night to get some great pics by the water and see the incredible sunset, but there ended up being no bonfire.

So, to culminate the evening we turned to something that we know all too well – Strawberries and Cream!

IT was time to bask in the deliciousness that is the Cheesecake Factory’s Strawberry shortcake. It is this massive dish of ruby red goodness smothered whipped cream piled high for all who love the creamy goodness.

Anne and Whitney were so excited about the shortcake, that they bolted from the door to try and grab a table, but this clueless hostess stepped in front of Anne and said, and I quote.

“You look like you are in a rush so you mine as well go ahead.”

WHAT?! Do you know who we are lady?! Anne stared at her in disbelief. Of course at the cheesecake, there is always a minumum of a 20 minute wait because they have no idea what they are doing. This was the case even though there were 3 open tables in the bar. We had to wait and guess who was the waitress who seated us? Thats right! The ragin bitch from the frontdesk! She sits us down and says…and I quote again!

“You are those people that were running in here earlier.”

Ok, now I am ust speechless. Amazing!

Needless to say, Anne and Whitney almost bitchslapped this broad into Pierce County, but they held their composure and relied on their power of “deathglares” to vanquish this Cheesecake demon.

The night was exciting and fun, even though our bonfire turned into a non-fire – it still had strawberries!

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…Chocolate Strawberries

So here is a fun observation. Lets go hang out at the Matador in Redmond for dinner. DINNER. Dinner filled with revelations of God, family, war, politics, over some fantastic margaritas and fajitas.

What ensued was something miraculous. A certain friend of mine had too many Margs. And by too many, I mean 2. Exactly 2.

The party continued after the dinner with everyone coming back to Whitney’s condo to hang out and watch some TV. So the TV was on and Gossip Girl was playing…then it happened. This person that will remain un-named (Anne) started talking in a British accent. Apparently it happens when this person (Anne) gets drunk. Sometimes it happens, but if there are 2 drinks in the vicinity, and this person (Anne) drinks them…then its going to be a fun night. So this person (Anne) somehow decided to start speaking with a British accent that was so hideous Princess Diana is rolling over in her grave right now…but it worked for this person. Trust me, it worked.

So, this intoxicated person who will remain nameless (Anne) watches Blake Lively on Gossip Girl with her two friends and in this episode she decides to sensually down a chocolate covered strawberry on a bus before she takes her beau into the lavatory to ravage him.

Naturally this girl who is intoxicated and will remain nameless (Anne), thinks that chocolate covered \strawberries are the ONLY thing that will satisfy her craving on this night so she begins to beg for the strawberries and I begin my local search to find the choco-berries.

I call Purple – NO

I call Lucia – NO

I call Joeys – NO

I call Palamino – NO

But then, Whitney has the best idea. “Daniels will have them” she says. Of course they will! Why didn’t I think of that?! Props to Whit for figuring this out. I call Daniels and of course, yes, they do have chocolate covered strawberries and they cover them with dark chocolate and white chocolate.

Talk about being the Great Thing!

I order three orders and drive to Bellevue to pick them up. When I get back to Whitney’s there is sheer delight. The chefs at Daniels put 5 strawberries in each order, totaling 15 for the three girls. I will be honest, I did pick off one berry, but that was all I could snatch out of the grasp of the hungry ladies.

Then…oh then it gets good. The drunkest woman, who will by the way remain nameless (Anne) starts talking about the white sauce that comes with the strawberries. I don’t really need to go into it any further, but its a blog – so therefore I will.

This person (Anne) starts talking about how the white sauce resembles a certain “male sauce”…something I know nothing about…she has it drip off of her chin and manages to re-enact a former tryst…needless to say, it was the sort of thing that only a sober blogger only dreams about.

If there was a semi-attractive single male in the vicinity of this person that shall remain nameless (Anne), then he would have had a difficult time keeping his pants on. Not by any work of his own, but by the hands of the chocolate strawberry loving, fake accent talking, horny single woman that shall remain nameless.

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…The Biggest Speech

Tonight! The RNC starts really get rolling!

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin takes the stage tonight to introduce herself to America. The Republicans out there will be paying very, very close attention tonight to the speech that Palin gives. She has been labled many things since she was announce as John McCain’s VEEP last Friday.

I for one was very impressed with her presence and speaking ability when she introduced herself last Friday. She had command, didn’t need the teleprompter, and was fiery. She will put up a fight in her debate against Joe Biden – just watch.

Now, I know that there are a number of people that liked the decision on Friday, but didn’t like it so much on Monday when it came out that her oldest daughter was pregnant out of wedlock. Here is the thing about this pregnancy, and largely unknown woman Sarah Palin. Being on the front page is good. Even though the news isn’t necessarily positive, and bloggers will have a hay-day with the news, Palin is in the news. Palin is trumping any Obama/Biden policy news, and Palin will have her moment to speak.

This election will be incredibly interesting. This election will shape numerous future policies and will also bring new Supreme Court justices to the bench.

Such theater.

So much on the line.

So much to come.

The stretch run begins tonight for the Republicans. Sarah Palin shapes what America will think about her as she prepares her speech and gives it at the convention.

Right now she is a good choice as John McCain’s VEEP for this election run. Will she remain an advantage to him throughout the next two months? That remains to be seen.

Stay tuned.

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…Long walks on the beach

You know how the popular dating theme is “I like long walks on the beach”?

Why does that work? And why do people like that? I understand…”I like long bonfires on the beach”, or “I like suntanning on the beach”, or even, “I like reading long books on the beach”. All of these I get and I would gladly engage in. But the walking on the beach? LONG walks on the beach?

I mean, for one its extremely difficult. You can’t really wear shoes to do it and girls can’t really like it that much. I just can’t imagine it being something that they are really into. I like walking on the beach leasurely, and of course without socks and shoes. Sand everywhere. Sand…everywhere!

I am just wondering the novelty. Can the ladies out there help me out? I love sand between my toes, but I could not imagine having any “fun” on the beach. I don’t need sand in those orrafaces of my body.

It must just be the novelty or idea of it. Help a brother out and let me know the deal with the long walks on the beach.

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